Participatory Installation


Richard Wolfstrome & Ira Lightman (UK)


Funded by Area Action Partnerships of Derwent Valley, Chester-le-Street & East Durham.

A giant cube illuminating the real and imaginary stories of people in County Durham.

Before it came to Durham, this giant cube toured the County, displaying local people’s thoughts and memories about real and imaginary journeys. Using projection technology, the cube presented these true and false stories in an animated sequence of light and colour.

In 2014  LightWriting won a prestigious International Society of Typography Designer (ISTD) award.  The awards celebrate typographic design and are judged by leading design specialists.

Creative director Richard Wolfströme is an award-winning designer, with over 28 years’ experience. Interested in furthering information graphic design and typography by continually challenging the technical and creative disciplines, his primary strength lies in determining how to communicate information optimally across different media – from print to screen to installation.

Ira Lightman is a conceptual poet. He has published several chapbooks and a full-length e-book. Ira’s work is informed by music, mathematics, language-learning, computers and pattern-seeking. Many of his published essays touch on improvisation and the vexed question of free verse for our times. He has also made conceptual pieces for national radio. Since 2000, when he moved to the North-East and started a family, he tried unsuccessfully to become a vicar, and then started making Public Art. In Spennymoor, he devised the Spennymoor Letters, letter shaped sculptures spelling the town’s name like the Hollywood sign.


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