Atsara (France)


Sculptures made from light flickered throughout Durham Cathedral and the College, like shooting stars.

Appearing out of darkness, sparks of light appeared and then vanished, creating a mesmerising choreography with a magical and hypnotic power. Cycles of sound built, were suspended in silence, and faded away. Sound overlapped, creating variations within a continuous pulse.

Atsara is a duo composed of Roland Devocelle and Audrey Rocher, working mainly with plastic, sound and corporeal art. Since 2000, they have been collaborating as artists, working on multidisciplinary projects, developing audio-visual improvisations.

In 2008, they started to work with light and projections, introducing sound and movement into their installations. Since then, Atsara have exhibited work at light festivals in France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Switzerland. Lumiere Durham 2013 was the first time Atsara had exhibited work in the UK.

[M]ondes also appeared at Lumiere London 2018 in Mount Street Gardens.

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