Top’ Là Design / Catherine Garret (France)


Animation: Domenico Spano
Soundtrack: Laurent Frick

Do whales swim upstream? What does a whale sound like?

A whale found itself in the River Wear for the duration of Lumiere; a colossal apparition that emerged from the water, strikingly life-like.

Mysticète was a fantastical projection that marked the return to Durham of the company behind Lumiere 2013’s Elephantastic on Elvet Bridge. It questioned the place and future of nature in our societies, the relationship we have with the animal kingdom and with each other.

Catherine Garret is Creative Director of the design agency, Top’là Design, who work on the conception and realisation of cultural projects events, scenography and art installations. Garret created Mysticète for the Fête des Lumières in Lyon.

Catherine Garret and Top’là Design also created Elephantastic for Lumiere Durham 2013 and Lumiere London 2016.

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