Brilliant Neon

Neon Bikes

Robyn Wright (UK)


A luminous re-imagining of an everyday mode of transport.

Made from neon flex attached to a custom-made frame, the pieces took up the space normally filled by its functional counterpart. Neon Bikes encouraged us to reflect on the joy of cycling: a simple invention that has come to offer a sustainable and indispensable way of getting around for millions across the globe.

Born and raised in Darlington, Robyn had just completed her degree in Graphic Design at Cleveland College of Art and Design when she applied for BRILLIANT. Normally interested in print design, applying to BRILLIANT gave her the chance to experiment and think on a bigger scale.

Neon Bikes was originally commissioned as part of Lumiere Durham 2015 BRILLIANT competition for anyone based in or originally from the North East with a bright idea for an installation.

Neon Bikes also lit up Brown Heart Gardens as part of Lumiere London 2018.


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