Participatory LED

Nine Men Drawing

Ron Haselden (UK / France)

Special thanks to Robert Soden, artist and teacher at HMP Durham.

In a new commission for Lumiere Durham, Ron Haselden collaborated with a group of people who are normally invisible to the wider community – offenders at HM Prison, Durham.

Members of the prison art class were invited to make a drawing which Ron faithfully recreated in low-voltage LED light on an enormous scale.

The finished pieces were installed in the College behind Durham Cathedral, providing an opportunity to reflect on the nature of community and art.

Ron Haselden is an international artist working with light, electronics, sound, film and other materials. He lives and works in London and in Plouër-sur-Rance, France.

Other installations by Ron Haselden for Lumiere include Eschelle (Lumiere Durham 2009), Fête (Lumiere Durham 2013 and Lumiere Derry-Londonderry 2013), Brothers and Sisters (Lumiere Durham 2011 and Lumiere London 2016) and Diver (Lumiere London 2016).


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