Iregular (Canada)

Location: Walkergate

Enter a digital infinity mirror…

Omnipresence is an audiovisual, interactive mise en abyme – a technique of placing copies of images inside each other to create an infinite reproduction of an image – that highlights technology’s ability to curate our digital personae.

The artwork invites visitors to move around a digital infinity mirror that endlessly multiplies their reflection using video feedback. Before projecting the recorded video of the moving participants back onto the screen, software tweaks some of the images, distorting the perception of time and space. 

Whether they are upside down images, delayed projections, reversed recordings or simply true, untampered reflections, the infinitely mirrored body images lose their symmetry and seem to move at their own will, disconnected from the audience members initially triggering them. 

A disorienting journey defying dimensions, Omnipresence makes the viewer lose control of their own actions, causing delightful yet uneasy feelings about human impotence in the face of the digital world.




Stepped access between Millennium Place and Freeman’s Place: There are 4 flights of steps consisting of 8/11/12/12 steps.

Stepped access between Missoula and Ebony: 2 flights of steps consisting of 7/7 steps. Stepped access between Ebony and

Gala Theatre: 2 flights of steps consisting of 8/8 steps. Seating available within Millennium Place with adequate lighting in the area.

Lift access from Walkergate Car Park and Freeman’s Place to Millennium Place: There is lift access from within Walkergate car park and also from Freeman’s Place, below the Fat Buddha restaurant. There are power assisted doors to each lift. Access to Level 1 – Riverside ground level, Level 5 – bars and lower level of Millennium place, Level 7 – upper level, restaurants and Gala theatre. Car parks close at midnight.

Platform lift: Within Millennium place there is a platform lift available to go between the upper and lower levels of Millennium Place. This is situated next to the Bishops Mill pub.

Access from Milburngate Bridge: There is ramped access from Milburngate bridge. The ramp is situated behind the library with adequate handrails and lighting. The surface is block paving.

Access from Claypath: Steep downward slope from Claypath towards Millennium Place. There is a paved foothpath.




About Daniel Iregui

Daniel Iregui is a new media artist who creates interactive sculptures, spaces and architectural interventions using technology and aesthetics as tools. He creates audiovisual experiences for installations and websites. His works combine geometry, typography, light and sound with software, mathematics and algorithms, resulting in systems with infinite possibilities. 

Iregular is a Montréal-based studio founded in 2010. Working at the intersection of art and technology, the studio approaches design using a code-driven and real-time mindset. Iregular’s work has been presented in Montréal at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, the Highlights Festival, Nuit Blanche, Igloofest, Mutek, the International Digital Arts Biennial, C2-MTL, the Festival of the Image in Colombia, the Mapping Festival in Switzerland, the Glow Festival in The Netherlands, Mutek MX in Mexico, the Jerusalem Light Festival in Israel and Bains Numériques in France. Its projects have received more than 20 awards and honours for design, technology and creativity.


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