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Luzinterrutpus (SPAIN)

Location: Millennium Place

An epic illuminated wall of free expression

Spanish anonymous artistic collective, Luzinterruptus returns to Lumiere, with On Blank Pages, a majestic light wall of free expression composed of hundreds of notebooks in Durham’s Millennium Place. This UK premiere delves into the state of the nation’s justice system in the 21st Century, using the large light installation as a canvas to create a monumental collection of opinions and attitudes on the subject. Those who have lived experience, connections and options on the justice system have been invited to share their thoughts on this topic. These responses, captured in the illuminated notebooks, form part of the artwork, while other pages have been left blank for Lumiere visitors to contribute their own responses. The overall effect will be a giant illuminated library and a snapshot of how people view justice today.

Durham is a particularly appropriate location for this installation, with the original Magna Carta held in Durham Cathedral. This fundamental document signed in 1215 limited the powers of the English monarch and served as a precursor for the rule of law and individual rights. It is a symbol of the evolution of the constantly changing attitudes to justice in England.  

On Blank Pages is an adaptation of the original work first exhibited in Madrid. It has since been adapted and shown in Belgium and Beijing.


On Blank Pages came to life through a series of workshops held by Artichoke’s Learning & Participation team with groups across the UK, ranging from prisons and charities supporting refugees to a law firm and the police. The notebooks explore the UK’s judiciary process, the prison system and its impact, as well as ongoing colonial regimes and the occupation of Palestine.


About Luzinterruptus

Luzinterruptus is an anonymous artistic group, known for implementing urban interventions in public spaces. Light is an integral part of their work, and is used to draw attention to social, environmental and political issues within cities and other environments. Although much of Luzinterruptus’ work has an element of activism, they also focus on highlighting forgotten and unused corners of urban spaces.

Image credit: On Blank Pages, Luzinterruptus. Photo by Manuel Villar


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