Participatory Installation

Other Side of the Wall

Errol Fernandes, Dan Civico, Sarah Blood, Sheree Mack & Lindsay Duncanson


An illuminated wall  depicting the past and imagining the futures of offenders and their families.

Five professional artists worked with 60 offenders from County Durham’s three prisons and Young Offenders Institution: Low Newton, HMP Durham, HMP Frankland and Deerbolt. Working also with groups and families of prisoners, each was invited to fill two Perspex boxes, one depicting key moments from their past, and the other demonstrating how they see themselves in the future.  All the boxes were displayed together to form a huge illuminated wall in the Galilee Chapel (in Durham Cathedral) with smaller walls being exhibited inside each of the institutions.

Artichoke has worked with offenders in prison for most editions of the Lumiere Durham festival. In 2009 Ron Haselden worked with the prison art class at HMP Durham to create Nine Men Drawing, and in 2011 artist Jana Matejkova worked with women from HMP Low Newton and their children to create Wish Planet, shown inside the prison, and Wish Comet outside.


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