Plastic Islands

Luzinterruptus (Spain)


Glowing rubbish filled a fountain in Trafalgar Square, forming a floating ring of plastic.

Plastic Islands was inspired by the ‘Eighth Continent’: the ‘Garbage Patch’ of marine litter that is accumulating in the North Pacific Ocean. It asked us to consider the alarming rate that rubbish is swallowing large areas of the Pacific Ocean and the lack of action to tackle this problem. Made from thousands of bottles, this installation awoke audiences to its message.

Luzinterruptus are an anonymous artistic group, implementing urban interventions in public spaces. Light is an integral part of their work, and is used to draw attention to social, environmental and political issues within cities and other environments. Although much of Luzinterruptus’ work has an element of activism, they also focus on highlighting forgotten and unused corners of urban spaces.

Luzinterruptus also created Consumerist Christmas Tree for Lumiere Durham 2013.



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