Platonic Spin

Nathaniel Rackowe (UK)


Interlocking rectangles of glowing wire strung together to form the outside of a dodecahedron, one of the fundamental three-dimensional building blocks of the universe.

Platonic Spin was split into rectangles, with each lighting up in turn, creating a sense of movement and shifting composition, gaining in speed and momentum until it became one single form moving in space.

Located in the Main Plaza at Regent’s Place near Euston, Rackowe’s work is heavily influenced by cities. The British sculptor is based in London, and his interest in neon reflects the light sources of such urban landscapes. Often creating large-scale structures, he uses recognisable man-made materials (like scaffolding and shed doors) mixing this with kinetic elements and employing a raw aesthetic that leaves wiring clearly visible.

A graduate of Sheffield Hallam University and Slade School of Fine Art, in 2015 Rackowe presented solo shows at Lawrie Shabibi in Dubai and Jérôme Pauchant in Paris. Art fairs include solo booths at Art Basel/Miami and Art Cologne. Rackowe has been commissioned by Calvin Klein Collection in New York and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen.

An earlier version of Platonic Spin was also part of the Lumiere Durham 2013 programme.


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