River of Light

Liverpool Lantern Company (UK)


Special thanks to the local artists who led the workshops: Louise Bradley, Serena Hodgson , Vicky Holborough, Nicola Lynch and Elaine Porter.

Funded by Area Action Partnerships of Derwent Valley, Chester-le-Street, Stanley & East Durham

A lantern parade of strange river creatures and illuminated birds. 

Lumiere Durham 2011 opened with a unique lantern parade inspired by the Durham’s River Wear. Hundreds of young people from across County Durham took part in the parade, carrying beautifully intricate lanterns made from tissue paper and wire.  Under the guidance of Artistic Director Jo Pocock, participants made extraordinarily intricate and giant lanterns that made up shoals of beautifully coloured fish, birds and swirling pedal powered contraptions.

The parade was accompanied by sizzling Balkan brass’n’beats from the Baghdaddies and the sounds of Jazz in my Pants.

Liverpool Lantern Company is an artist-led organisation, producing and directing carnivals, arts festivals, one-off site-specific events and visual theatre. They also undertake sculptural commissions and installations and constantly seek inventive ways of using light within their work. At the heart of the company’s work is the development and promotion of artistic excellence along with a commitment to developing sustainable projects, which build skills and capacity in community members and promote creativity and celebration.

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