UK Premiere


Edoardo Tresoldi (ITALY)

Location: St Mary’s College

An immersive and ethereal architectural sculpture traces the outline of Durham Cathedral in the distance.  

Playing with the transparency of wire mesh and the relationship between light and space, Sacral appears as a ghostly rendition of an archetypal cathedral transept, viewed from the terrace of Durham University’s St Mary’s College. Edoardo Tresoldi creates a dialogue between past and present through his work and explores the memory of somewhere we have already been. The immersive installation invites visitors to imagine a surreal experience and to fully engage with the surrounding landscape. This is the first exhibition of Sacral in the UK.

About Edoardo Tresoldi

Born in Milan, Tresoldi moved to Rome after art school, working in the fields of sculpture, stage design and the cinema, where he developed a multi-disciplinary approach to the arts. He recognises the contrasts of the contemporary landscape as his guiding light and identifies the cross-fertilization of ideas and influences as the founding principle of his work.

Since 2013 he has produced installations in public spaces, archaeological sites, festivals and exhibitions around the world. In 2016, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Culture, he realised a work for the archaeological site of the Early Christian Basilica of Siponto, a unique convergence between contemporary art and archaeology that was awarded the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture. 

In 2018 Tresoldi produced “Etherea” for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the USA. In 2019 he presented “Simbiosi” in the prestigious context of Arte Sella and founded STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO, an interdisciplinary lab that supports artists, public art projects and contemporary art production. In 2020 he inaugurated a permanent installation called “Opera” in Reggio Calabria, Italy and, together with YAC – Young Architects Competitions, founded the educational project TRAC – Tresoldi Academy.



Image credit: Sacral, Edoardo Tresoldi, Wynn Palace, 2019. Photo courtesy of the artist


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