New commission BRILLIANT Interactive Projection


Aidan Moesby (UK)


A periodic table of emotions.

Sagacity by Aidan Moesby was an interactive installation inspired by the Periodic Table of the Elements, it set out to take the emotional temperature of the community by collecting the feelings people were tweeting about.

The more people tweeted a particular emotion, the more illuminated the word became on the projection. Happy, excited or passionate. Search the hashtag #LumiereDurham to find out how people were feeling.

Sagacity was commissioned as part of the Lumiere Durham 2017 BRILLIANT competition for anyone based in or originally from the North East with a bright idea for an installation.

Artist, curator and writer, Moesby’s work is under pinned through conversations as practice based research – real, overheard, visual, imagined, or virtual. Situated at the intersection of the visual arts, wellbeing and increasingly, technology, he is concerned with weather as metaphor, both the real ‘physical weather’ we experience and our ‘internal weather’.


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