Brilliant Installation


Sarah Blood (UK)

Twelve neon birdhouses nestled within Brown Hart Gardens.

Accompanying them was a soundtrack of birdsong, calling out and responding, connecting the isolated birdhouses in the dark. The birdsong, performed by human voices, created a three-dimensional audio landscape. It formed invisible connections between each birdhouse and drew the viewer’s attention to the unseen and the spaces in-between. The birdhouses represented a need for protection from the harsh winter ahead, while the birdsong was the herald of the coming spring, bringing with it thoughts of renewal and regrowth and of easier times ahead. 

Sarah Blood’s work evokes personal and human qualities. Her forms are inspired by natural phenomena, science, geometric abstraction and post-minimalist sensibilities. Her primary medium is light, which she explores through glass, luminous gases and mixed media, creating sophisticated and elegant works which question the definitions of strength and permanence. Blood’s works are exhibited widely throughout the world including in the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.

This installation was also part of the Lumiere Durham 2013 programme as a BRILLIANT commission. Sarah Blood also created Dissect I and Dissect II for Lumiere London 2016.


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