Chomko & Rosier (Canada/UK)

Location: Court Lane

A streetlight with a memory, playfully connecting strangers through their past shadows. 

Shadowing is an award-winning, playful public art installation that records and replays the shadows of those who walk underneath. Located beneath a city street lamp, the mischievous installation will hold the memories of movements by passersby, giving space for audiences to perform, dance and play before their movements are echoed back to the next visitor. Shadowing has toured cities around the world, including Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Austin, Paris, Bristol, York and London.

About Chomko & Rosier

Chomko & Rosier was founded in 2014 by artists Matthew Rosier and Jonathan Chomko. Together, they explore technology and the built environment, resulting in installations and experiences for public space. The studio has worked with the UK Space Agency, Historic Royal Palaces, British Council, FutureEverything, Illuminating York, Watershed and Media Ambition Tokyo.

Shadowing tours internationally, and has been presented in Paris, Tokyo, Austin, and London. The project has won multiple awards, including the 2014 Playable City Award and the 2016 Active Public Space Award, and was nominated as Design of the Year in 2014 by the London Design Museum.

Image: Farrows Creative, 2014


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