Martin Glover (UK)

Location: St Oswald’s Churchyard

A celebration of British Sign Language at Lumiere.

Five signs will individually fingerspell the word LIGHT in this playful installation encouraging visitors to learn the introductory  basics of BSL. Martin Glover’s artwork is inspired by his passion to educate and celebrate sign language. The peaceful surroundings of Durham Cathedral’s silhouette will serve as a backdrop as the area is lit up by Signed Light for curious minds to enjoy.

Watch Martin’s video to learn more about the artwork:

About Martin Glover

Martin is an architect and visual artist with a passion for exploring social themes through a variety of media. His approach to art demonstrates his vested interest in Sign Art, art influenced by BSL. Martin has always had an appreciation of the Arts which has led to him facilitating guided tours for Deaf sign language users in British Sign Language (BSL). He brings passion to his lively presentations which attract an engaged audience.  He has run a mentoring programme for other Deaf people to deliver art tours in BSL to help open up opportunities for Deaf people to participate in the arts and cultural sectors nationally. He is a proud member of this minority linguistic community, bringing this passion to his role as Governor for a school for Deaf children in London.  To date, he has secured three public commissions: a wall mural twice, Upfest, Bristol (2021 and 2022) and posters for the Alphabet for Black Rock project, Brighton Council (2021).


Image credit: Signed Light (rendering), Martin Glover, 2023


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