Permanent Installation

Sixty Minute Spectrum

David Batchelor (UK)


An hour of technicolour.

A new commission by David Batchelor for the Hayward Gallery, Sixty Minute Spectrum transformed the then newly restored Hayward Gallery roof into a chromatic clock.

Flooded with dramatic colour, the gallery’s unique pyramid rooflights move gradually through the entire visible chromatic spectrum every 60 minutes. Starting and ending the hour as a vivid red, they appear at different points throughout their cycle in orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or pink, and all the colours in between.

Batchelor’s work includes three-dimensional structures, photographs and drawings, mostly relating to his long-term interest in colour and the urban environment. He uses industrial debris to create sculptural installations, breathing new life into the material leftovers of modern life, and reworking otherwise pedestrian objects into colourful artworks.

Born in Dundee in 1955, Batchelor lives and works in London. His portfolio includes a number of major public artworks, including a commission for the British Council headquarters in Hong Kong, a site-specific work for the McManus Galleries in Dundee, a light installation at Archway Tube station in London, and a major commission for St. Pancras International Station, entitled Chromolocomotion. His work has also been shown in Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery and London’s Whitechapel Gallery in solo and group exhibitions.

David Batchelor’s other works Pimp Pallets and Festival, 2006 were featured at Lumiere Durham 2011.


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