Superbe (Belgium)

Location: St. Oswald’s Church

Record a long note, grab the baton and begin orchestrating

One of Lumiere 2021’s most intriguing installations in the quiet of St Oswald’s Church.  When facing Sming, not only are you the conductor, but also the choir. You become the baritone, the soprano and everything in between.

You sing a note and the music generated by your voice will be uniquely your own, following your movements and inspired by the chords of famous composers.  Lost in a miracle of sound, you are totally in control – the singer, the composer and the conductor.

Sming captures your original sound which a software will analyze and modify before bringing it to the screen. 

Inside the baton is a sensor, tracking your movements and allowing you to control the rhythm and intensity of your voices in the choir.



St Oswald’s Church and Churchyard: Approach from New Elvet has a steep incline. The front entrance to the church has tarmac paths of adequate width.  


About Superbe

Superbe is an artistic studio creating interactive experiences connecting people and technology, real and digital, emotion and act.



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