The Eye and Lumiere

Lumiere Durham 2013

16 November, 3pm – 4pm, Durham University 

Supported by the Wellcome Trust and Durham University 

How much you can tell about a person from their eyes?

Artist Gina Czarnecki worked with scientists from Durham University to find out the answers to many questions about our eyes and vision.  She created the interactive installation, I, inspired by what she learnt working on the project, which was part of the Lumiere Durham 2013 light festival.

The Eye and Lumiere offered a scientific insight to the eye and how Gina turned science into art.


The Physics of the Eye

The basics on how our eyes work.

The Eye, Vision and Biology

How have our eyes evolved? How our eyes have changed through the centuries in humans and animals and how they can be affected by different medical conditions.

Visual Perception

How the brain tells us what our eyes can see and how new technology can show us how brain damage from illness or accidents changes how we see things.

Ask a Scientist

An opportunity to ask a scientist anything you want to know about eyes.

I: What the Installation Contains

Bringing art and science together, Gina introduced her work I and explained how she came to make the piece.



  • Gina Czarnecki


  • Professor John Girkin

Professor of Biophysics and Director of the Biophysical Sciences Institute, Durham University

  • Professor Roy Quinlan

Foundation Professor in Biomedical Sciences, Durham University

  • Dr Bob Kentridge

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Durham University



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