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Hannah Jane Walker & Residents at HMP Low Newton & Neon Workshops (UK)

Location: Clayport Library

A neon sculpture shining a light on the words of women in prison

Artichoke commissioned the poet, Hannah Jane Walker to collaborate with women at HMP Low Newton in a series of writing workshops exploring their own poetic voices. The phrase was chosen by the group for Durham Library as a thoughtful, inspiring message for the future. Sculpted in neon by Neon Workshops, the artwork will become a permanent fixture in the city centre after Lumiere.

About Hannah Jane Walker

Hannah Jane Walker is a poet and theatre maker. Her poems are funny, sharp and conversational. She has written for The Guardian and BBC Radio 4 and is currently Associate Artist for the National Centre for Writing.

About Neon Workshops

Founded by the artist Richard William Wheater, Neon Workshops specialise in the development and manufacturing of neon lighting for the creative industry. Neon Workshops host an annual exhibition programme of neon related work in their gallery spaces, as well as one of the UK’s largest resource libraries on the subject.

Sponsored by Urban Base and Evan Cornish Foundation

Accessibility information

Stepped access between Millennium Place and Freeman’s Place: available next to the Premier Inn/Missoula.  There are 4 flights of steps consisting of 8/11/12/12 steps.

Stepped access between Missoula and Ebony: 2 flights of steps consisting of 7/7 steps.

Stepped access between Ebony and Gala Theatre: 2 flights of steps consisting of 8/8 steps.

Seating available within Millennium Place with adequate lighting in the area. 

Lift access from Walkergate Car Park and Freeman’s Place to Millennium Place: There is lift access from within Walkergate Carpark and also from Freeman’s Place below Fat Buddha restaurant. There are power assisted doors to each lift. Access to Level 1 – Riverside ground level, Level 5 – bars and lower level of Millennium place, Level 7 – upper level, restaurants and Gala theatre. Car parks close at midnight.

Platform lift: Within Millennium place there is a platform lift available to go between the upper and lower levels of Millennium Place, this is situated next to the Bishops Mill pub.

Access from Milburngate Bridge: There is ramped access from Milburngate bridge. The ramp is situated behind the library with adequate handrails and lighting. The surface is block paving.

Access from Claypath:  steep downward slope from Claypath towards Millennium Place. Paved footpath.

Customer Access Point and Clayport Library Durham

Artwork Description: Static Neon sculpture.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installations for personal use, please note that the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.

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