Festival Flashback BRILLIANT

The Stars Beneath Our Feet

Louise Mackenzie (UK)

The Count’s House

A starry night emerges from under the microscope.

Originally commissioned as part of the 2015 BRILLIANT competition, this artwork plays with our perceptions of micro-organisms. When viewed and heard at scale inside Durham’s Georgian temple folly, these light-absorbing micro-algae appear more cosmic than microscopic. Louise Mackenzie collaborated with scientists at Durham and Northumbria Universities to create the audio aspect of this work.

The Stars Beneath Our Feet was originally commissioned as part of the 2017 BRILLIANT commissioning competition which invites anyone originally from or currently living in the North East to submit a bright idea for a Lumiere light installation. Since then The Stars Beneath Our Feet has been adapted for exhibitions at Paradigm Electronic Arts, Edinburgh, 2016 and Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai, 2016.

About Louise Mackenzie

Louise Mackenzie is a UK based artist working across installation, sound, sculpture, performance and film.  She creates artworks that explore themes of production, waste and our relationship with the environment. Recent work has focused on what Louise terms ‘lively material’ such as DNA, viruses and single-celled micro-organisms that exist on the boundary of what we traditionally consider as life.

Accessibility information

Prebends Bridge: from the bridge there is a steep slope towards Count’s House, the surface is a tarmac footpath. This area is not well lit.

Artwork description: Gentle moving projection. This installation is in a very dark location.

PLEASE NOTE: While you are welcome to photograph this installations for personal use, please note that the artist retains all imagery rights. Commercial use of installation photography and film is strictly prohibited.


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