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Tekja (UK)

Location: Online and in physical form at Prince Bishops Place

Share a hope and watch the branches grow

Tree of Hope is a digital tree which grows before your eyes as hopes are collected in Durham and around the world. Starting as a sapling and gathering hopes from school children in the county, the audience at Lumiere and a global live-feed from social media, the sapling will transform into a beautiful mature tree formed by hopes we have made for ourselves, for others and for our planet.

Tree of Hope was inspired by County Durham as a historic place of “big thinkers” with stunning landscapes that provide a strong connection to our natural environment, It’s a place where we can reflect upon humanity’s ability to hope for a better future.

To contribute to the Tree of Hope, submit your hope at  or by using the hashtag #LumiereHopes on Twitter.


About Tejka

Tekja is an award-winning data visualisation and analysis studio based in London, founded in 2012 by Jacopo Hirschstein and Amanda Taylor. 

They work with some of the world’s largest organisations, creating data driven web applications, installations, event experiences and media content.

Their work combines cutting edge data analysis and visualisation technologies with standout contemporary designs and concepts. The studio has worked on many groundbreaking data-driven projects and have achieved acclaim in the national and international press.

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