Maya Mouawad, Cyril Laurier (France)


Find nature in a place where you’re most removed from it. 

The lights in King’s Cross Tunnel are connected to the nearest natural park’s wind conditions, and react to them in real time. The goal was to use electric lights to visualise aspects of the natural environment which we’re confronted with in our everyday lives.

Maya Mouawad (France) is an environmental artist. Her installations usually apply the use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, generative sound and light systems. The purpose of her work is to question the position of machines in our modern world,  how those machines can affect our human behaviours and how they can change the way we perceive ourselves together with the nature.

She co-founded Hand Coded with Cyril Laurier (France) in order to form a creative platform to develop tools and technologies for her work, and to collaborate with other artists.


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