Volume Unit

The Media Workshop (UK)


An interactive projection that transformed the exterior of the 1960s Milburngate House into a visual jukebox.

Volume Unit transformed one of Durham’s least loved buildings into a visual jukebox. Playing music selected by audience members, this was then VJ-ed onto the buildings exterior, bringing it to life with a variety of sound responsive images and graphics.  The audience was invited to add their favourite feel-good song to the installation’s playlist by tweeting the Volume Unit hashtag.

Built around an ethos of creative innovation and evolution and developing the creative potential of new technology, The Media Workshop is made up of a wide network of digital professionals, specialists and creative individuals with a vast level of experience in different fields.  The company operates predominantly as a digital production and development business working creatively with new media and emerging technologies.

Working within commercial and corporate sectors as well as within the arts, marketing, events, advertising, research and education, the organisation has the flexibility to form specialist bespoke teams around projects and commissions enabling them to create exciting and technologically challenging work for both.


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