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Wheels of Industry

Stu Langley (UK)

The illuminated windows of this stained glass car were powered by Durham’s pedal power.

In an age dominated by concerns about climate change and our reliance on fossil fuels, Lumiere presented an installation that reminded us of the energy source in our feet. By climbing on the bike and cycling on the spot, visitors could watch in delight as the windows of the converted Robin Reliant lit up.

Wheels of Industry was the development of an idea first exhibited at Lumiere Durham 2013. Langley was then part of Twist Design, who won a BRILLIANT commission to display three Robin Reliants across the city. Each had special designs showing iconic North East landmarks, or famous British faces in the windows. Following the festival, they showcased one car at i Light Marina Bay in Singapore, where the original design was adapted to include a bike as the source of the installation’s power.

Stu Langley has since left Twist Design to focus on being a full-time artist. He also had another installation at Lumiere; Wave.


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