Work in Progress

Bureau of Silly Ideas (UK)


An installation which transformed a quiet corner of the city and brought a smile to the face of anyone who encountered it.

This installation, first seen in Brixton in 2008 was created by Roger Hartley’s Bureau of Silly Ideas which specialises in the quirky, eccentric and downright daft, from wheelie bins that chase passers-by to a talking, walking, singing portaloo.

Based in Brixton, Bureau of Silly Ideas (BOSI) was founded in 2002. Renowned for making a song and dance out of road works, eccentric machinery, intervention, visual art and spectacle, their current work has strong links to urban regeneration. BOSI believes that the best solutions, start with great questions, and aim to engage people by injecting art, entertainment and humour in every day places. They also know a thing or two about pineapples and custard pies.


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