Lumiere 2023 ticketing statement

Posted 10/05/2023

Artichoke would like to apologise to everyone who experienced difficulties while trying to obtain Lumiere tickets yesterday and the day before. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we dealt with the huge volumes of traffic on the website. As with many events where there is high demand, our teams and systems come under pressure when tens of thousands of people try to secure tickets at the same time. We regret any inconvenience caused.

The extraordinary demand for the free peak-time tickets confirms the popularity of Lumiere as the premiere event taking place in the North East in November and puts it on par with some of the most sought after experiences in the country.

The ticket release gave local residents in County Durham one exclusive booking day, Tuesday 3 October. The remaining tickets went on general release yesterday, Wednesday 4 October. To date over 70,000 peak-time tickets have been issued, and thousands more are still available for booking.

Remember you don’t need a ticket to enjoy Lumiere, which is always free. Peak-time tickets are to help manage numbers in the city centre and to help people have a comfortable experience at the most popular times. 75% of the Lumiere artworks are outside the ticketed area and can be visited without a ticket at any time, and no tickets are required anywhere after 19:30 each night.

We’re looking forward to welcoming tens of thousands of people to Lumiere in Durham (16 – 19 November 2023) for four very special nights.

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