BRILLIANT Interactive


Tendayi Vine and Bea Wilson (UK)

Location: Under the Viaduct, Access via Lambton Street

Play in reflections of water and light

Taking inspiration from the water patterns of the River Wear and the monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Limina invites visitors to immerse themselves in liquid light. 

The ever changing reflective surfaces of light and water are used to create a mesmerising, liminal space for visitors to explore. In the arch of the Viaduct, a black monolith is brought to life in the dark, and as the visitor approaches, ephemeral patterns are activated creating a moving light painting. Walk past and catch a smoky glimmer, immerse your whole body in the screen, or play with the patterns by moving with the shapes which are triggered by movement.



The area at the North Road/A690 roundabout is tarmac with kerbed paths with dropped kerbs in places. If accessing from North Road towards viaduct there is an upward slope.


About Tendayi Vine and Bea Wilson

Tendayi and Bea met while studying many years ago and have worked together creatively since 2014. They share a love of experiential and immersive environments, with a particular fascination with light, and have exhibited work across the UK. Tendayi works and teaches within spatial practice and is currently lecturing alongside her own research, and Bea is a production designer working across performance, events and installations.


BRILLIANT is a commissioning scheme aimed at encouraging anyone (aged 18 or older) to suggest their brightest idea for a new light-based artwork as part of the Lumiere 2021 programme. In an exciting development for Lumiere 2021, the scheme has been extended to the whole of the UK.

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