New commission Projection

Ruby, Santiago & Adam: Grey Matters

Emma Allen (UK)


A trio of painted tales transformed London’s Leake Street.

Multidisciplinary artist Emma Allen (UK)uses faces as living canvasses to tell stories. Through 750 photographs, Ruby saw Allen’s painted face transformed from a skull into a sky full of shooting stars; while Santiago traced the history of humankind mapped out from its single cell origin to a digitally defined future.

Adam: Grey Matters was a new piece looking at depression. Collaborating with neuroscientist Daisy Thompson-Lake under the project title Grey Matters, they aimed to reduce the stigma accompanying mental health issues by illustrating the underlying neurobiological processes.

Sound Credits:

Ruby – Huxley Studios

Santiago – Edapollo

Adam – Tudor Brothers

Emma Allen also created Ruby for Lumiere Durham 2015.


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