Garden of Light, TILT, Lumiere Durham 2015. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Matthew Andrews.

Programme: Durham 2015

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1 CLOUD By Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett (Canada)

Commissioned by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art for Art Experiment 2013 (Moscow). Simple, bright and playful, CLOUD was an interactive sculpture built from 6,000 incandescent light bulbs.     

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1.26 Durham

2 1.26 Durham By Janet Echelman

Strong but soft, huge but delicate, this interactive sculpture asked us to consider the interconnectedness of our world.

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Big Knitting

3 Big Knitting By Victoria MacLeod (UK)

Hanging from a wall, BRILLIANT winner Victoria McLeod’s jumbo knitting needles and ‘wool’ glowed above a Durham street.   

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4 Lightbench By Bernd Spiecker for LBO LichtBankObjekte (Germany)

A park bench with a difference: take a seat on this piece of illuminated street furniture.  

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5 Precious By Storybox (New Zealand) & Durham Sixth Form Centre students (UK)

Throughout our lives we collect objects that hold a special meaning. This projection explored the stories that lie behind some of our most ‘precious’ items.  

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Change Your Stripes

6 Change Your Stripes By Cleary Connolly (Ireland/France)

Change Your Stripes invited people to dance with their own shadows as the giant abstract painting came to life with movement.

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7 DOT By Philippe Morvan (France)

Baptiste Molliard (Music) Julien Gremel (Light) This enormous bank of light bulbs pulsed, flashed and beamed across the city centre.

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8 Helvetictoc By Tobie Langel (Switzerland)

A Lumiere favourite that is now a permanent piece in the city, this witty installation turns clock-watching on its head.

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9 Supercube By Stéphane Masson (France)

Interactive computing assistant: Alain Chaix A surprise was in store for anyone that peered inside one of the 448 special Kilner jars.

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Les Luminéoles®

10 Les Luminéoles® By Porté par le vent® (France)

Originally commissioned for Lyon Festival of Lights. With chinese style flowers lighting the way on Saddler and Silver Street, these dream-like creatures ebbed and flowed against the wind in Market Place. Lit by LEDs, these brightly coloured imaginary birds gracefully twisted and turned against the elements, creating beautiful shapes as they went.   

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Neon Bikes

11 Neon Bikes By Robyn Wright (UK)

Celebrating our love of cycling, BRILLIANT winner Robyn Wright’s Neon Bikes were a simple re-imagining of an everyday mode of transport.  

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Litre of Light

12 Litre of Light By Mick Stephenson (UK)

During Lumiere we celebrate light in all its forms, but for many people across the world light is a luxury. This installation asked us to support two worthy causes: bringing sustainable lighting solutions to communities across the world and preserving a beautiful building.    

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The World Machine

13 The World Machine By Ross Ashton, John Del Nero, Isobel Waller-Bridge, Carlos Frenk and Richard Bower. (UK & Mexico)

The story of the birth of modern cosmology from the 12th century until the present day was told in this stunning son et lumiere for the façade of Durham Cathedral.  

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Complex Meshes 2015

14 Complex Meshes 2015 By Miguel Chevalier (France)

Music by Jacopo Baboni SchilingiSoftware: Cyrille Henry and Antoine Villeret.  This monumental interactive projection brought new light to the ribbed vault ceiling at Durham Cathedral.

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The Stars Beneath our Feet

15 The Stars Beneath our Feet By Louise Mackenzie (UK)

Against the backdrop of a temple folly, Louise Mackenzie created an audio-visual installation that used light-absorbing micro-algae to play with our sense of perception.  

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Garden of Light

16 Garden of Light By TILT (France)

These giant illuminated plants brought the tropical summer to wintry November and lit the way during Lumiere.  

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17 Mysticète By Top’là Design / Catherine Garret (France)

Animation: Domenico Spano Soundtrack: Laurent Frick Do whales swim upstream? What does a whale sound like?  

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18 Wave By Stu Langley (UK)

Fabrication by Andrew Middleton  A glinting, frozen wave rose above Fowlers Yard in a celebration of East Durham’s industrial heritage made using sea glass collected from local beaches.  

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Rainbow River

19 Rainbow River By Alison Lowery & Richard Hornby (UK)

Celebrating UNESCO’s International Year of Light in 2015, this BRILLIANT winning idea used a triangular prism to cast multi-coloured patterns onto the River Wear.  

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Fogscape #03238

20 Fogscape #03238 By Fujiko Nakaya, Simon Corder (Japan / UK)

Veteran Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya was the first artist to use fog as a sculptural medium, using it for the transmission of light and shadow. Simon Corder has been working with light in the environment for thirty years.  He returned to Lumiere to make this work with Fujiko Nakaya.  

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Fool’s Paradise

21 Fool’s Paradise By Novak (UK)

Soundtrack by Ed Carter A beautiful projection that transformed Durham Castle to retell tales of local history, folklore and famous fables.

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Wheels of Industry

22 Wheels of Industry By Stu Langley (UK)

The illuminated windows of this stained glass car were powered by Durham’s pedal power.

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Home Sweet Home Durham

23 Home Sweet Home Durham By Shared Space & Light

On a quiet residential street, a red brick terraced house came alive with true stories from across the county.  

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Asalto Durham

24 Asalto Durham By Daniel Canogar (Spain)

A large-scale projection that helped us imagine overcoming the obstacles in our lives.  

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25 Ruby By Emma Allen (UK)

This animated self-portrait explored the idea of rebirth, the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another.

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Electric Fireside

26 Electric Fireside By The Brick Box (UK)

We’re all familiar with the idea of storytelling by the fire. The Brick Box brought this ancient activity to Lumiere, inviting community groups from East Durham and Spennymoor to gather round and tell a tale.

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The Red House

27 The Red House By Patrice Warrener (France)

Renowned across the world for his chromolithe projections, Warrener brought his unique expertise to Durham and repainted a well known building with light.  

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28 DREAMERS By Elisa Artesero (UK)

Inspired by Japanese paper screens and Zen poetry, DREAMERS created an atmospheric space to explore.

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I Haven’t Changed my Mind in a Thousand Years

29 I Haven’t Changed my Mind in a Thousand Years By Beth J Ross

A former BRILLIANT winning installation returned to Lumiere.

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The Conference: Light, Art, the Universe and Everything

30 The Conference: Light, Art, the Universe and Everything

A conference for the curious at Lumiere Durham 2015

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Accessibility Information – Rainbow River

1 Accessibility Information – Rainbow River

Please note, the riverside footpath route from Prebends bridge is not suitable for wheelchair of buggy access. An alternative route is available. From North Road the road bears to the right at the Halifax Building Society towards Crossgate bank where the road then forks left, after ‘The Fighting Cocks’ pub towards South Street. The paths […]

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Accessibility Information –  Wave

2 Accessibility Information – Wave

Access via Silver Street will be one way. From Silver Street to the side of the Superdry store there are 17 flagstone steps with a handrail, at the bottom of the steps a declining flagstone path leads to Fowlers Yard. Fowlers Yard is on a slight incline with a tarmac road and curbed flagstone path with […]

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DLI Museum Park & Stride

1 DLI Museum Park & Stride

Aykley Heads, Durham DH1 5TU

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County Hall Park & Stride

2 County Hall Park & Stride

Durham, County Durham DH1 5UZ

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New College Park & Ride

3 New College Park & Ride

Framwellgate Moor Campus, DH1 5ES. Alight/Board at east side of Milburngate Bridge (near Claypath)

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Sniperley Park & Ride

4 Sniperley Park & Ride

DH1 5RA Alight/Board at east side of Milburngate Bridge (near Claypath)

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Howlands Park & Ride

5 Howlands Park & Ride

DH1 RTQ Alight/Board opposite Three Tuns, New Elvet

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Belmont Park & Ride

6 Belmont Park & Ride

DH1 1SR Alight/Board opposite The Gates Shopping Centre

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Durham Train Station

7 Durham Train Station

North Road,  DH1 4RB

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